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The Plan to Order My Chaos

If you read my last post, you know that I had a LOT going on, at ALL Levels of my life.  I often tell people today that you can’t operate with CHAOS at home and at work.  You have to have some semblance of ORDER somewhere.   So I focused my energy on my new job.  The first 9 months were REALLY tough.  At times, I felt like I was in a foreign land and simply didn’t understand the language.

I set back and observed for 9 months, which was about 6 months too long.  The team was telling me that they didn’t need me.  “The team is doing just fine…we know what we are doing! “  They were very tenured (average 20-years) employees and had been doing this job for many years.  But they had no motivation to achieve the performance objectives.   “WE DON’T BELIEVE IN THE NUMBERS!  We don’t understand why the company expects us to make these numbers anyway!”  We had unhappy customers and we weren’t very happy either.  I am not boasting, but I knew that I was a good manager, I had proven my ability.  So why had I stalled?  Why am I just sitting back watching and waiting?      I DON’T KNOW????????????


Many times, new managers come into the position and want to change just for the sake of change… “Creating MORE Chaos!”   But even though we may have a plan, it is strongly suggested that we understand how the operation functions and know the objectives & goals.  Why try to fix something that Ain’t Broken?

But I had seen enough, so WHY HAD I STALLED?

Then it was a Monday in September and something SNAPPED! … NO, I didn’t hurt anyone, but I realized that I had to operate in the confidence of what I knew I could do.  I had to formally develop and implement my plan, even though I knew that there would be MUCH resistance.  Yes, I am a Woman and I have Never been a service technician, but I know how to manage people.  I am an Organizer, I Plan, I Strategize,  and I thrive on meeting the Challenge, to Go from the BEFORE picture to the AFTER photo.  There were expectations that first I had of myself and there were expectations that others had of me!

So what had I really done for the first 9 months?  Wait!  You mean that there was some Order… there was a method to my madness… there was a Process?  The Order of My Steps were as follows:

  1. OBSERVE – Gather information and LISTEN!
  2. Conduct one on ones with the people and get to know the person
  3. Solicit employee input – LISTEN!
  4. Review the performance of the individuals and of the overall team
  5. Establish individual expectations to hold them accountable
  6. Made notes to be used for a 90-day action plan for the team


By Monday night, things were clicking.  My gifts of organization and administration was ever-present and fully engaged.  A plan of action for the next 90-days had been developed and a strategy to achieve the expected results was in the making.    “We Will Succeed” had become my mantra!   My plan would constantly evolve because times were ever-changing.

CHAOS would be ever-present, BUT so would ORDER!

10 thoughts on “The Plan to Order My Chaos

  1. Great Plan!
    I’m glad you have OBSERVE number one on your list. I see new managers assume rolls and immediately begin making the organization “their own”. They don’t understand individual strengths (or weaknesses), there is poor communication, causing doubt and mutiny.
    You’ve said it well. You are spot on. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Candy,

    I loved reading this, because it is a progression that I think we can also use in our personal lives. If we would stop to listen, observe, PRAY (:p) and then, proceed, as you demonstrated, we would be so much better off.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings to you,


  4. Thanks for your insights. I have run the same business for 25 years. You reminded me of some of the lessons and issues I need to re-think to keep my perspective fresh. I too write about my work experiences, but from a ‘here is what happened and ‘what I learned from it’ point of view..
    Keep up the good work!

  5. You touched on the single most important thing to being a good leader, listening. In this world of instant communication where words have become abreviations, nuance undervalued and people really believe they can have 500 friends, (aquaintances, audience memebers perhaps but friends? I don’t think so) being heard is the one thing everyone hungers for. Great thoughts!

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