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A Life Lesson

Before I leave this phase of my life, I must share with you a Wake-Up Call that I received from one of my managers that I will never forget.  In 2005, there was another one of those calls to the manager’s office.  In the pit of my stomach, I knew things were not going to be good.  He had my first and only formal letter of concern waiting for me on his desk.  Before he gave me the letter, he started to outline for me, one by one, situations and circumstances that he had observed, all of which were opportunities in my character as a leader, and I quote “Leadership starts with setting appropriate standards and expectations for their people and role modeling those behaviors they expect.”  My behavior had been “inconsistent with true leadership” and had negatively impacted the performance of my team.  Unfortunately, I had been deeply engrossed in purchasing a new home (which had been a total nightmare to say the least), but that was totally irrelevant at that moment.



Chaos at work and Chaos at home, TOTALLY out of control.  But that conversation with my manager, made me sit down and re-center my life.  This wasn’t about performance objectives, it was ALL ABOUT ME!  … And I couldn’t deny anything he had said.  As you may remember from an earlier post, I really don’t like to ERR….OR and I may not have mentioned it, but constructive criticism is difficult for me to swallow.  This Large Pill went down, but it went down HARD.   But I re-grouped quickly!

“Your positive attitude and open-mindedness you displayed in our meeting was very encouraging”…. 

As I state the obvious, you must maintain a Balance of Home and Work.  Although one may require more focus than the other, you cannot lose sight of either. 


Get Builder for new house, since the first one quit.

Be prepared not to leave the recognition event until you have presented awards to your team!

Get Builder for new house, since the first one quit.

Schedule Field Time with employees at least three (3) times a week

Get Builder for new house, since the first one quit.

Well, you get the picture!


10 thoughts on “A Life Lesson

  1. Hey Candy,
    I get it, for sure. I write about this all the time in response to many women who I find are struggling with having the right balance between work, home and ministry. Having the right attitude is a great place to start. Thanks for sharing your story. It reminds us to keep things in check.

  2. After a lifetime of being borderline manic depressant and wondering where this middle of the road place was (I pictured some nearly flat, pleasantly undulating route to my desires and goals) I realized that the middle of the road was the lane from which you can most easily access all the cool scenic overlooks, detours, business loops and rest stops that make the ups worth the downs. Balance is a symphony, sometimes one instrument gets a solo or one section is featured but the ultimate goal is a piece of music that works and includes all the instruments, sounds and musicians.

  3. Good post. Yes, constructive criticism (that which is true) can be hard to hear sometimes, but sometimes if it’s not addressed by someone else, maybe nothing will change, especially when we know ourselves that we can and should do better. Now, let me remember that 😉

  4. Nice post!
    Sometimes the best ‘ah ha’ moments present themselves when being faced with an uncomfortable situation. The key is to take notice and take charge to correct it, which it looks like you have accomplished. Good luck on the house 🙂

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment! We did get the house built and although it was a struggle, it was well worth it. Take Care and have a blessed day!

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