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MARCH’ing Toward Order!

 I was in the hair salon on Wednesday and I picked up “O” magazine and across the front cover was “De-clutter Your Life”!  Now it is my understanding that Oprah often has articles regarding de-cluttering. 

My point here is that De-cluttering  & Organizing is about more than just making your stuff look neat and tidy.  What I am finding is that if a person is “disorganized”, there are a couple of factors that may be involved and they are:

  1. The person is in denial and truly don’t realize that they are disorganized.
  2. They “think” that they are comfortable where they are.  “It may look a mess, but I know where everything is.” 

Clutter / Disorder / Chaos affects so many different aspects of your life.  Therefore, when you de-clutter, it should be life-changing, no matter how small.  There should be a sense of release, a breath of fresh air…  This process should NOT be Creepy or Stressful!   

No matter who is coaching you along the Road toward Order, the key to being Organized is for us to go through everything in a specific area, i.e. drawer, desk, closet, etc.;  sort, purge and organize (put in an efficient arrangement).  Whatever arrangement or system you come up with, it just needs to work for you and you need to be able to maintain it.  It is not set in concrete, your system should continue to evolve, especially as things change, i.e. new pair of shoes, new piece of furniture, new job, new baby, new house, etc. 

You just have to establish some order to the chaos!

This process applies even if you are “organized”, yes, men and women.  Your closet may be neat and color-coordinated, but you still may have clothes that are FOUR sizes ago (positive or negative on the weight scales).  I spoke to a client the other day, (and you may have even said it once or twice yourself), “I know that I can’t wear “it”, but I’m hoping to get back into “it” one day”.   That’s good, but for now, let’s “it” go and reward yourself with a newit” when the day comes.

As we MARCH Toward Order this month, Iwant you to think of “marching” as steppin’ efficiently and with energy & excitement.  I know it sounds a little weird, but I am not looking for precision, every step will not be exact.   But we will have a planned outcome and follow a steady course to get to our destination….

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    First I want to thank everyone who took time to comment on my blog post entitled “What would an Organized Life look like to you”? I also hope that everyone took time to read the comments, they had an interesting insight and perspective on “Order” or lack thereof in their lives. I reblogged this post for to give you my perspective and we will tie it ALL together next week…. Enjoy!
    ** I welcome your comments.

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