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Music to Organize By

Do you know what “quiet” sounds like?  Do you ever take a moment to just sit and listen to the silence?  Now by contrast, have you ever been at a stop light and you can hear / FEEL The BASS from the vehicle behind you?  It makes my heart hurt, literally! … YES, RIDICULOUS!   (If your sound system is like that I do apologize, but your hearing is supposed to last a lifetime.)

Now think of the CHAOS of the day as that BASS beating on your brain.  Clutter operates under the same premise.  Many times, anxiety is caused by clutter….. You are on your way out the door and you can’t find the car keys.  It is not simple forgetfulness.  I don’t have to tell you how frustrating that is.  You are already late and trying to make that last mad dash for the door.  There should be a designated place for your keys when you walk in the house. …  Now, don’t hide the keys under the huge pile of mail (but that is another post).

Your clutter could be the stack of paper that seems to be on your desk every day and this includes the 1500 pieces of email in your inbox.  It could be the messy bedroom or the family room where there isn’t even a place to sit.  Believe it or not, this wears on your Spirit (rather you want to admit it or not!)   😦  

During the de-cluttering & organizing process, some suggest that you play some music.   You know music to work by, music that promotes energy, yet soothing.  Organizing should not be a traumatic experience.  It should be a time of purging, again not only of stuff, but a spiritual cleansing.  Now I don’t want you to think that I am getting too DEEP!  I am not trying to pyscho-analyze you, but this concept is the basis of my passion for Organization and my desire to put more Order in our lives.  De-cluttering should be a time of de-stressing, not to be stressful! 

However you perceive it, start small.  It can be 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours or 2 days.  When you are done and you see the fruit of your labor, it should be “A Refreshing” Then take some quiet time … listen to the silence, smell the coffee or have a cup of herbal tea (even if you have to wait for the children to go to bed).  You need some “ME” time, dont’ watch TV, maybe read instead and relax with the spouse or significant other.  

This is how  YOU should FEEL AFTER ORGANIZING!

http://youtu.be/aeYTBvanFmE   **Please Listen**

5 thoughts on “Music to Organize By

  1. Very inspiring! I really need to step back and take a breather. I’m constantly feeling *behind* on my organization 🙂 A cup of hot cocoa and soothing music shall be on my list!

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