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Organize Together!

De-cluttering and organizing is an excellent time to work with someone else.. Husband and wives, boyfriend and girlfriends, or just friends’!  Even if they are there just to keep you company (but it is preferable that they help and kids can help too).  It is especially good for husband & wives or constant companions.  Interestingly enough, many times one likes to keep and the other likes to throw away…. And, since we know that opposites attract, I am sure that you can complement each other during this process.  As you go through the basement, bedroom, or closet; sorting, purging and organizing; remember to work together and don’t argue, but compromise.

I am the organized one (go figure!) and my husband was the “Clutter Bug”.  It only took 30 years, but don’t let that discourage you.  God work Miracles!    But in the past, all I heard was “Candy, have you seen my ________?”  Invariably I had moved his ________, but many times, I really wasn’t sure if I had moved it or not.  I realize how difficult it can be for both parties.  My  husband often tells the story that he knew that he was in trouble when I made up the bed in the hotel room during our honeymoon (OK, can anyone else relate to that?  LOL!! ) I tried to get him to share other antedotes of how “interesting” it is to live with a “neat nut”, but he declined. I am not sure why?…  🙂  

Well, we have now met each other halfway, somewhere between “neat and nightmare”.  It is a lot easier to maintain organization if you agree.  We will discuss establishing an “organizing system” in our next post.  Just like most aspects of marriage or any type of relationship, it takes making a conscious decision that you can make IT work together.  No matter what IT is … and always take time to talk to each other always(Not a typo) 

Not just about the children, the house or the bills, but about each other,

your common interests, your organizing project, etc.

Yes, I digressed! …………………… (On Purpose)

To:   My Facebook Friends, Sound familiar?


A Special SHOUT-OUT to Cheryl at “Create a Beautiful Life”.   Thanks for mentioning us…. We really appreciate it!




5 thoughts on “Organize Together!

  1. I’ve been married 30 years too, my hubby is one who keeps everything and I like to throw away. I’m not as tidy as I would like to be so that’s why I like to get rid of things. My husband is organized and he’s the one who finds the keys!

  2. I work with my kids a lot on organizing. It can be frustrating and time consuming to let them in on the whole thing–but they really need to learn these skills along with math and reading! It really erks me to see these “smart” people on a hoarders show. It’s great to be smart, but if you live in squaller then what good does it do? This last year that “dawned” on me. I was home-schooling for 8 hours a day and the house was falling apart around me. I started making home-ec a daily part of our curriculum, cut back to about 5 hours/day of the 3Rs plus lit and history, and all of a sudden I found balance.

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