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What do you do with the paper?

Great News!  My new business is really starting to take off.  I have been out of Corporate America for almost 2 1/2 months now.  “Wow!” My aunt told me the other day that I haven’t looked this happy in a LONNNNNGGGG Time.  It may not be great news for my followers, because I may have to cut my posts to once or twice a week.  I really don’t want to rush my posts, but for now I will play it by ear.  You know that I must always have a specific plan ….Establishing ORDER!  🙂

Now back to Organizing…. Not to lose sight of “Finding Order in Corporate America”, let’s talk about MARCH’ing toward ORDER, out of the Chaos at Work or in the Home Office.  Last week, we discussed developing an “Organizing System”.  The same principle applies when you are in the office, especially when you are dealing with paper.  You must sort through everything, purge and organize, usually in alphabetical order.  However, the hard part is determining the correct categories.  Remember, your system must be simple and you need to be able to get to your information quickly and efficiently.  This also applies to your electronic filing system.  Unfortunately, I am not as versed on technology, but the basic principles still apply.  As I mentioned earlier in a previous post, it is Chaotic to try and manage 1500 emails in your Inbox. 

I had a Magic number of 30-50 emails ONLY could be in my Inbox by the end of the day.  I had personal folders and I am sure most of you do also, which enables us to sort and file our information.  Again, I am reminded of the Chaos that was created when I could not get to my Magic number.  I started to get 25 emails or more every 30 minutes or so ( I am sure that is still a very small number for most of you)…  My entire day was ruined because I could not just skim through and identify those REALLY important emails.  My “system” was no longer efficient.  Alerts on my manager’s emails or higher levels of leadership, no longer covered the really “important” emails.  Everyone had to CC the world on all emails to make sure they were covered (if you can relate, raise your hand!!).  

And guess what?  I don’t have to remind you that there was more to my job than sitting chained to my computer.  I was a FIELD Service Manager…..






Stay tuned for more “Paper Management” Tips.

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