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Journey from Clutter….

Today, I would like to switch gears slightly.  We have been talking about creating an organizing system and managing our paper.  But today I want to discuss the “journey from clutter”, the path we take that helps us to get to the point where we want to organize. 

If you are a fan of “Order Your Steps” on Facebook, you know that my husband asked me for organizing tips for his closet.  Do you believe it??????  I had also mentioned in previous post that he was a “clutter bug”.  Actually, he is still a work in progress, but there are times when we just have to “Call those things that be not, as thou they were”.  We must have faith and believe that there is nothing impossible for God!  🙂  Then, on the other hand, we should understand that Life is a process.  It is a day by day journey and with every step you take, things change. 

We must travel from clutter and chaos a little at a time.  It may start with the “Leave it where it lies and let it accumulate” syndrome.    Day by day, stuff just piles up and before we know it, we are surrounded by clutter and with Clutter comes Chaos.  Then before we know it, it is simply out of control.   So we decide, we really need to do something about ALL this stuff and then it appears to be an overwhelming task. 

Thus, the journey begins!

For the most part, the living area (where other people can see) is in fairly decent order.  But there are other areas (where we can simple close the door) that are forbidden for others to see.  Interestingly enough, at some point, we don’t want to look at those “forbidden” areas either.  You now have the “desire” to Organize.   But take baby steps, start to put things away as we go along.  Don’t just allow things to just lie around.  Find a place for them, but it must be a place where we can find them later. 

Get rid of stuff a little at a time.  It may simply mean that when you buy a dress, give one a way.  If you buy 12 pair of new socks, throw away 12 pairs that have holes in them.  I can’t emphasize enough (I purposely didn’t say “stress”) that the process of organization is not complicated.   It is just one element of life designed to bring order and peace to your surroundings.

One day, you might be walking the aisles of Walmart and decide to buy a plastic foot locker for storage, because you want to organize your closet…. You never know!!!!!!!




Yes, it is Target, but you get the idea!


Have you ever Google’d “people walking in Walmart”…  OMG!

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