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Organizing is not just for the home!


Organizing is critical to your business also.  In reading numerous  blogs and Facebook pages, there are a lot of people starting their own business or aspiring to do so.  Organizational structure (even if you are the only employee), documenting your work processes and keeping your paperwork in order are essential.  Even if you are just starting your business, as I am, you need to start to prepare for growth.  It is very difficult to build on something without a foundation.  You really need to be organized …  Know what you have, where you have it and be able to put your hand on it, when you need it.

Many times, it can make the difference between

Success and…not so successful.

photo credit below*

You not only need to organize your stuff, but Organize your Thoughts!  I am sure that you have a business plan.  Do you have a five year plan?  Again, are you preparing for growth?  Do you have goals & objectives?  I love to read through INC. Magazine.  Some of the most simple ideas, have turned into million dollar $$$ companiesTHINK BIG! … and mind you, it is not always about money, although it does help.  But it is our opportunity to operate in our passion, use the talents and gifts that the Lord have given us and fulfill His purpose for us.  The Lord will prosper you for His purpose!!

We will discuss more about an organized business and some of the elements of a business plan in future posts.  Stay Tuned!

photo credit below**

Photo Credits:   http://www.capstoneconsulting.wordpress.com*, http://www.bottomlinebusinessinsights.com**

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