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Organizing is not just for the home! – Part II

Interestingly enough, or maybe unfortunately, organizing is primarily considered to be a process of simply making an area or space NEAT, usually in the home.  But as I said in Part I of the topic, organization is critical to a business.  What is very interesting about that last statement is that most of us think of “organization” pertaining to business, but not “organizing”??

I believe that I just had another epiphany…

Organizing is so much more than NEAT.  I would like to suggest that we think of organizing as “to plan and take action”.  When you look at the Wikipedia definition, it says that there are a set of rules that have to be followed when items are being arranged.   The dictionary definition is methodical and efficient in arrangement or function; Systematic – characterized by order and planning.   

Therefore, an organizing system, should be developed, with every project that you undertake.  The system begins with a plan, which can be a visual assessment or jot down your ideas or draw a diagram of how the project will look after it is completed.  The plan will have guidelines/rules that will determine the actions required to implement and maintain the system.  That probably went a bit over the top, but hey, you get my point.  🙂

So, let’s consider our business plan…. PLAN being the operative word.  Many times, a business plan is the vehicle used to convince someone that our business is worth investing in.  In essence, we must prove that our business has a sound foundation and that we know what we are doing.  It also shows that we have planned for growth and the individual(s) will get a return on their investment.

I have chosen to make my business plan a working document and so should you.  After you have the money that you have requested, please don’t put your plan on the shelf until something goes awry.  We must know that our plan is working and will deliver the results that we anticipate.  Once an organized system is developed and implemented, it must be monitored & maintained.

As a working document or journal, make notes along the way.  Keep track of your work process and make notes as you make changes.   As time goes on and we become more and more successful, our process is already documented, modified as needed and repeatable.  We have a plan for growth and profitability, which may not be money, but we must be able to measure our success.

Stay Tuned, there’s More to Come!

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