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Organizing is not just for the home! – Part IV

Before we take another look at Organizing for the business owners…. I would like to thank my followers once again for taking the time to read my posts, comment and even “like” from time to time.  I would also like to invite you to check out my Order Your StepsFacebook Page and hopefully “LIKE” it while you are there!

So, now let’s take one more look at our business plan.  By the way, I would be curious to know if anyone read the article that I posted last week.  I found it interesting that Forbes suggested that we outline a somewhat informal game plan, put the plan in action and then start to gather real-time data BEFORE developing a formal business plan.  Many of us don’t have a lot of industry statistics & analysis (or don’t want to pay $700 + to get it), since we are small businessesDUH!     But I digressed a tad….

One of our readers mentioned the need to really focus on marketing their business.  Let me share one of my major discoveries.  Invest your Time and Money on a few marketing ideas versus many.  Give the idea(s) time to work or not and then go on to the next.  It can be difficult and somewhat costly, to have TOO many irons in the fire.  I wanted my primary form of advertising to be “word of mouth”.  As we know, “Word of mouth” advertising involves mostly networking with persons that can use your service and/or those that will pass on information about your business.  Although, I kinda knew that… I didn’t focus all my efforts on that form of advertising.  Thus, my papering campaign, which seemed like a good idea,  costed much money and reaped ZERO benefit.  I believe it would have been a lot better if I had (got permission to) set up a table outside the grocery store, instead of putting paper on cars…. What do you think???


 Marketing Plan

My plan will consist primarily of  “word of mouth” advertising.  I will advertise at local businesses and churches.  I would like to start a mass “papering” campaign to serve as a kick-off and distribute my brochure throughout the neighborhood and surrounding areas.   I plan to reach out to other cities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  I have requested to join Emplayce on Linkedn (requested, but not approved) & will create a Linkedn profile for my business.   I have an “Order Your Steps” page on my Facebook wall.

I have targeted 4 major parking lots:

  • Vista Gardens in Lanham
    • 80 brochures distributed 11/2011 –  1 Prospect
    • Wegman’s in Springdale
      • 150 brochures distributed 11/2011 – Security/No Solicitation
      • Walmart in New Carrollton
        • 80 brochures distributed 12/2011 – zero (0) Prospects
        • Homes behind and around Flowers HS
          • 165 brochures distributed 1/2012 & 2/2012 – zero (0) Prospects
500 Brochures in four (4) months and one prospect…
Guess What?  It is NOT WORKING!

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