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What would an “Organized” Life look like to you?

It’s Sunday afternoon and I was really stuck for a topic for tomorrow. I asked my husband for some help, hoping that he would spark an idea for me and he did.  He said that “there are many people that really just need some order in their life”.  So what does that really mean?

What would an Organized Life or simply Order in your Life look like?

I read a lot of blog posts and FB statuses and there are some people who are facing various life challenges,  some are making discoveries about themselves & those around them, and yet others are simply living, however, you define “living”!

Does this mean that our lives are “Out of Order”?  Please take a minute and give it some thought.  Are there any changes that we would make?  Are we truly expecting something to be different, but we are doing things the same way that we have always done them?  Or are we fine just the way things are?

I would like to ask everyone out there is Blog World and Facebook Land to answer these questions for me.

Please leave a comment or two.  I would like to build my next post based on your responses.  Thanks in advance!

11 thoughts on “What would an “Organized” Life look like to you?

      • I need to get myself back 🙂 After quiting facebook yesterday i realize that my emotions and thoughts back together. Regain myself, get over all the drama that came with having a facebook.

        Organize and collect all my thought and write more in my blog aswell.

        If that makes any sence

      • It makes perfectly good sense. Please keep me posted on your progress. It sounds like you are well on your way to a fresh start. Many blessings to you! 🙂

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment… I can definitely relate to what you are saying. I am curious to see what others will say. Please stay tuned 🙂

  1. Interesting questions that can be thought about from many angles. I don’t really feel the need for my “life” to be organized because life has a way of organizing itself. We wake up, we eat 3 times a day, we go to work or school, we do leisure or social activities, we go to sleep. It can be so organized that it can be a rut, always the same.

    On the other hand, there are lots of irritating, trivial details that have to be dealt with day in and day out to make sure life keeps going down this well worn track we’ve made. I sometimes think I’d like to sell my house, get rid of most of my stuff, and just start trekking without a plan and without a care in the world. Live a totally serendipitous life, like a gypsy.

    In reality, what would be most practical and pleasant is to live simply, without excess possessions that clutter the attic, closets and cupboards, and to have the freedom to take frequent trips abroad so as not to make a rut out of the local scene. That would be my ideal “organized” life. I’m looking for a job that would facilitate this.

    From another perspective, you could say that life is like the ocean, always changing, moving, developing and we need to be like a well seasoned captain of our vessel. Not only do we need to know how to handle our ship well (be self disciplined) but we also need to be adaptive to the ocean’s (life’s) changes. A ship needs a certain amount of organization to run well, but no matter what, things are going to get messy from time to time on the open seas and you can’t fight it, you’ve got to roll with the waves.

    I used to always keep my house very clean and tidy. We’re going through some major life changes with kid’s growing up and everybody’s working and going in different directions. I’m riding out the storm and I’ll tidy up when the winds and waves settle.

    • Thanks for taking time to comment! You bring up some very interesting points and you have several different perspectives on “organized”. I was curious to see how people looked at it as it related to their lives versus their stuff, or both… Please stay tuned, it should be interesting to see others’ thoughts. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. When I read your question, I thought about all the failed efforts I’ve gone through in trying to impose what I thought was order on my life. I was trying to take what worked for me at the office – schedules, rigid frameworks, processes for doing things – and apply those at home. That might be the right answer for some people, but it wasn’t for me. So I’d say the first step in finding order in your whole life is understanding what kind of structure (organization) works for you in different settings. For my personal life, I learned this needs to be something really flexible with just important goals defined. So order – for me – meant defining priorities and understanding what motivates me. And simplify, simplify. So yes, it did relate to both life and stuff 🙂

    • You truly hit the head on the nail, you must define what order means to you. When I asked the question I was trying to get people to think of order in their lives, which may start with de-cluttering the mind and then the stuff. Until you define what order is, it is very difficult to achieve… Thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

  3. I’m both an organized and an ordered person so I would simplify my response to say that being ordered means having structure on an overall level while being organized refers to having a handle on the smaller details of life.

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