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The Answer Is….

So what is the answer to the question, What does an organized life look like?  

Based on the comments I received, there are two major components:

1. Stuff, clutter, items, boxes, etc.

2. Thoughts & emotions.

Life is not meant to be too organized, we don’t want to live in a rut, however, we would like to have a degree of routine & predictability.

“Life is like an ocean, always moving, changing, developing and we need to be like a well-seasoned captain of our vessel.”  CSRoth


We want change but we are kinda used to doing things the same way. It is interested that major changes in our life causes MUCH stress!   A new house, new job, new baby, etc.  All of which causes us to assess our life as it is and consider making major adjustments.

  • We want life to be flexible, spontaneous, but to be prepared for the unexpected drama
  • We want life to be simple and not too stressful
  • We want some control, not utter chaos
  • We want to have fun and enjoy life at its fullest, every day!

All of these things require some degree of organization.  So how do we get there?  Well, I can only speak for myself.

In the  past twenty years, I have had some really good times (they seem so few and far between now), but the majority of my life has been filled with lots of drama… unfortunately, those are the times that we remember the most.  Why is that?

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, we get just a small taste of what I mean.  I believe that the turning point for me was finding out that in order to minimize the chaos, the one thing that had to change was ME!  I was not going to be able to change the people around me. Yesterday, one of our missionaries said “it is not how the situation looks, it is how we look at the situation”.

I had to take a real serious look at what I wanted and needed in life. As a born organizer, I had to have some control and I had to have a plan.  The last 3-4 years have been the best and getting better.  Now life is not perfect, nor should we expect it to be, but there should be some semblance of peace and order.


  • Take a few moments to invest in our future.  Jot down some notes on our life as we know it today…. we might be amazed at how our life looks on paper!
  • Take a look at those things that we would like to see changed, Big and small.
  • Does clutter of any kind, have an impact on those changes?  For example, we need a bigger house.  Again, we might be amazed how much more room we might have when we de-clutter.  I need a new job, because I can’t ever seem to get anything done around here.  Etc. etc. etc.

It is very difficult to change something, without understanding our current state and our desired outcome.


So, I guess that there is no one answer

I read other blog posts last week, that gives us other perspectives.







4 thoughts on “The Answer Is….

  1. Thanks for quoting me and finding a nice picture to illustrate the idea. Life is always full of drama, stress & mess, but it is good as you say to evaluate where one is at the moment, and then think about the positive steps to get to where we want to go. I’m working at it.

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