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Organizing is more than just organizing to me


For me, Organizing is my passion and because of that, I really want to connect with my clients and they feel that passion.  There should be an “emotional connection”.  Let me tell you a little story…. One of the first jobs I did professionally was simply to clean out a storage bin.  Although the client had a strong emotional attachment with the items, she simply wanted me to just throw everything away.   As the Lord would have it, we established an emotional connection and I could not just throw her stuff away.  There is no doubt in my mind that the Holy Spirit intervened and allowed me to understand that simply getting rid of the stuff would only prolong the healing process.  As a professional organizer, I was hired to do a job, but there is more to my True Purpose.

So what am I saying … I am not just a person that wants to “declutter” and get rid of your stuff….  I understand that we have a connection with our stuff.  In some cases, we find it very difficult, even overwhelming to get rid of our stuff.   But, in most cases, it is just stuff.  Many times, we hold on to things because they are associated with special people, events, places, etc.  We must understand that getting rid of the stuff does not disconnect us from the people, events, etc.  There may be a part of our life, our mind, our spirit that also needs to be “de-cluttered” (purged and organized) or even disconnected from the stuff.  Believe or not, it may just be that we think we have to keep it, just in case we might need it one day????

Let’s start to visualize our own before and after pictures… Let’s start with a small space in our home or office.  Take a drawer, cabinet or closet and begin to sort, purge and organize, interesting concept don’t you think?  Or better yet, you may want to start with a small space in our life!


Let’s try to get up 30 min. earlier, to give ourselves a moment to mediate, pray or read a scripture… some alone time.

Try it!   I truly believe that when we start to see ORDER in our Space, we will start to see more Order in our Life…  Just take one step at a time.

“The steps of a good man [woman] are ordered by the Lord….”   Psalm 37:23  NKJV

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