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my baby makes a quantum leap….

…. into adulthood.  My youngest child turned 20 last month and she  has not looked back .  She is moving full speed ahead for what God had ordained for the next phase of  her life.  In reality, for the past couple of years, as we have discussed different matters of the family, she has shown an uncanny level of maturity.

Now don’t misunderstand, my daughter has become such a wonderful young lady, but remember she is my baby.  She has always been the playful one with all the energy and a sense of adventure, in the “wanna travel” sense of the word.  Since she has been in college there haven’t been a lot of family visits; either way, her here or us there.

Last year she went to London, by way of Germany (long story) to study and she had a great time.   I thought it quite funny when she called me one day while she was in London and said, “Thank you, Mom.  I don’t know how you did it all those years”.  I said, “what do you mean”.  She said, “you had to feed all five of us, ALL those years.  Do you know how much it cost to eat 3 meals a day?”   Of course, as a mom, I have noticed the small things like, ” I wear jeans with a nice top, I don’t go to class bummy.” Then the clincher, she was having a discussion with another student and they were talking about getting older and she finds out that the other student was ONLY 18!!!!!!

My daughter is now in her third year of college and I believe that although school has been fairly easy for the past 14 years, this year may be a tad challenging, thus she had been somewhat overwhelmed since day one of this semester.  So it has been nice to get the phone calls that just says “Mom, I really need a hug”…. yes, adults need hugs too.

It has been very interesting watching my daughter make this transition.  So I would say, stay close to your grown folks kids while they move through life, however, not too close.   Our task is to prepare them to be independent and self-sufficient. But we also need them to understand that life is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t take it too seriously and live every day to its fullest.

She has leaped into her adult body for a different time period… her future, but she will not be leaping back!

But she will always be my baby….

5 thoughts on “my baby makes a quantum leap….

  1. It is wonderful to see them grow up into fine adults, however a little hard for me to let go. Feels kind of like losing my balance, but that’s only because so many other troublesome things are going on in my life. I still have an almost adult son at home and that will be a very interesting transition to watch.

    • I truly understand. You will find your balance, a happy medium, but allow them to help you by bringing you in when they need you. In addition, the storms are passing over, they are not meant to stay forever! 🙂

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