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my oldest daughter is my miracle….

… BABY!!!!!    Here is my story…. When we first got married, my husband wanted six (6) children, why I have no idea, maybe because he was one of five, I don’t know.  But let me continue.

During the first three years of our marriage, I had three (3) miscarriages.  Now don’t lose it, the Lord has allowed me to share my story.  God always has a purpose for us in our pain, to not only help ourselves but to help others.  But let me continue.

After waiting two years, you can just imagine how we felt when I found out that I was pregnant with my oldest daughter.  But let’s fast forward to the miracle…. when it was time to deliver my baby, she was breech!  After 7 months of supposed bed rest (when I wasn’t going downtown to get a fried chicken dinner with collard greens & yams, oh wait…) she was breech, so I had to have a cesarean.  But guess what?  … when they pulled her out, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck three times.  Just think if I had delivered her naturally….

A MIRACLE!!!!!  

Another interesting thought…. if all babies had survived, we would have 6 children, but think about this, if we had already had 4, we may have messed up God’s plan and my daughter may not have arrived at her appointed time…  at the time that God had ordained.   WOW!

Now having entered the world healthy, my daughter has excelled in all facets of her life ever since.

  • In the 95 percentile on the child development chart.  Her 6’8″ daddy may have had something to do with that.
  • She skipped the first grade, thus graduating from high school at 17 in the Top 5% of her class.
  • Graduated college at 20, Magna Cum Laude
  • Now at 23, she has started her own Graphic Design Company, INKED DESIGNS.

Please Check out her new website:  WWW.THINKINKEDDESIGNS.COM

Although throughout my life, most times I did not understand why things happened.  Now looking back, I have always been truly blessed, even when I didn’t know it.  God’s Favor….

My Miracle Baby… and an absolutely beautiful young lady!

E, I am so very proud of you!  Love, Mom

18 thoughts on “my oldest daughter is my miracle….

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  2. What a wonderful story. It’s beautiful that you showed God’s hand in all of it, the good and the bad. You have a love daughter. I wish her much success in her business.

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  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog, Kick Fear Now. You are truly blessed with your miracle and she has grown into a beautiful and dynamic woman. Truly, God knows the plans that He has for you, even if you don’t see His hand at work. Love your blog.

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