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Organizing Toys for Kids

My friend over at students at home asked for some help with organizing tips for her 6 & 8 year old.  In my opinion, we must remain VERY flexible when introducing an organizing system to young children. I would suggest that we Keep It Simple!  Many times, the organizing system looks really “neat & organized”, but it may not be very practical and difficult to maintain.

With any new organizing system that we introduce, we must take the time to explain the system, how it is  to be used and the benefits to the child as well as the parent.  Organizing is a learned behavior — repetition, repetition, repetition and reward, reward, reward!

We have three (3) main objectives:

1. We really want them to put their toys away.

2. We want them to be able to find the toy(s) that they play with most, without emptying the entire toy box every time.

3.  Periodically, we want to purge their toys, with their help, to make room for new toys.

Students at Home, I am not sure how much room that we are working with, but I would suggest that maybe we should have two toy boxes, one for each child.  Then we should have a separate area designated for their favorites.  Of course, their choice of favorites will change, but just cycle the toys back into the toy box when needed.  When other kids come over to play, allow the children some leeway, but again show them how to reorganize once playtime is over. 🙂

When it is time to purge, especially after special holidays, allow the child to work with you to choose toys that they want to give away to their friends or donate to other children.  In addition, I suggest that you start a trade off system, where when you buy a toy, they must give up a toy.

Hopefully, some of these tips may help.  Maybe you can send me a picture of your space and I may have other ideas for you.    Please let me know how this works out for you.

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19 thoughts on “Organizing Toys for Kids

  1. Thank you! My kids each have their own room and a shared playroom. We all hate walking around toys in the middle of the floor or spending an hour cIeaning up before Dad gets home from work.

    I love the idea of giving up an old toy whenever they receive a new one. Since he collects matchbox cars, this technique might help my little guy not ask for so many new toys because he won’t want to give up the ones he already owns and loves.

    Thanks again for your wisdom!

  2. I’m working on this with my daughter ! She just does not like to clean her toys up ! So, I have been monitoring how many toys she has ! I don’t let her get to many ! Becuase more toys = more mess !

  3. Great article. I have tried this for my one-year old. Works!

    Thanks for liking my blog (altho I can’t find the link anymore, I just received an email notification)

    God bless! and keep those Keep It Simple tips coming! 🙂

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