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Back-up and Re-group…

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28

Now that I have put aside my Pride (which should not have been a factor from the start), I realize that there is always a lesson to be learned to help us to be prepared for our future.  So I backed-up, re-grouped and decided to STEP UP MY GAME to the next level.

We have spoken in previous posts about the importance of having a plan and documenting our work process(es).  When we hit a bump in the road, and we will we must review our process, determine what may have gone wrong and modify our process accordingly.  Just for the record, even if things are going well, it is important to review the plan and understand what is going well, why it is going well and how we can maintain our success.

So as I prepare for multiple doors of opportunity to open, I have added a more formal contract to my “working agreement”.

Then I am going to take my process one step further, I am going to look at outlining the overall organizing project into work clusters with specific tasks in each cluster (once I work out the details, I will show you what it looks like).  This new concept should enable me to employ project pricing versus by using hourly rates.  As my client base grows, this work process modification should help me to better manage a larger number of projects.  In addition, project pricing should be more beneficial for the client.

Just think, I may never have tumbled to any of this if I hadn’t been thrown that curveball!

Never take for granted the importance of a minor setback.  Consider it a golden opportunity to re-group and step up your game.

We don’t know what’s on our horizon … but know that He has a Purpose for all of us and there are always lessons to be learned!

2 thoughts on “Back-up and Re-group…

  1. It’s all a journey, the successes, failures, misjudgements, wrong turns and great ideas. We learn from each of these. We learn to grow stronger, we learn humility, we learn to celebrate and to love ourselves. Each step takes us closer to our inner happiness. I wish you many successes along your way!
    Hugs, Sherry

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