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“I could probably find the time, BUT I really don’t want to do it!”

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Yes, I believe that we have the time to tackle our clutter, but we channel our time and energy into things that we would rather do!  Why don’t we make time to do the things that we know that we really need to do?  Getting organized is no difference than losing weight, exercising on a consistent basis and eating more healthy…. We must be motivated, committed and have the willpower to stick with it.  “So how are going to group “organizing” with that other stuff that has a real impact on me living better”?  Because (broken record speech again) Our Lives Need ORDER!  OK, I won’t go into the rest of the speech, BUT disorder & Chaos in our lives creates stress, frustration, etc. etc. etc.  I hear it all the time.  So why don’t we take the time to get it done?  Most times, we just need a little motivation!

I worked with a client recently, who just needed a little motivation.  She owns her own business and business has been going very, very well, but unfortunately, she just could not keep up with all the things that needed to be done.  The BIG things that impacted rather she got paid or not, and the small things that just made the business run smoother.  When she hired me, she was already on a mission.  She was determined to get more organized because she knew the impact that it was having not only on her business, but on her life overall.  Our project was 90% paper management.  She sorted and purged her paper so quickly.  She was on a mission!  She was motivated, but she needed me to keep her focused and on track.  She knew that when I left, she would stop working.  We whipped through the paper, like a knife through butter.  She had A LOT of paper, but once we purged, organizing was easy.  We set up a filing system that she could maintain and developed a work process together that would be easy to follow because we made only minor adjustments to how she worked naturally.  (Click on the link to read her testimonial)

So the question is “what will it take to get you motivated?”  Sorry, I don’t have the answer.  But I would strongly suggest that you tap into your inner spirit to find the answer.  It applies to ALL the things that you really NEED to get done… but you really don’t want to do it!  It may be just having someone there working with you.  It could be a professional organizer, personal trainer, nutritionist, etc. OR it may just be a friend or your spouse whose mere presence is enough to keep you motivated until you get the job done.

What are your thoughts?

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