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Tips to Organize Your Pantry

Is it difficult to find what you are looking for in your pantry?  Is your pantry so cluttered that you have forgotten what’s in it, so when you go to the store, you just buy another “one”, just in case?  Well, then it’s time to de-clutter and organize.   Organize means to know what we have and our ability to find what we need, when we need it.  This process has the potential to save us time and money! $$ $$

First, set aside the time to dedicate to the entire task.  If you don’t have a lot of time, focus on doing one or two shelves at a time.  But make the commitment to complete the assignment.

Helpful Hint:  Music can make the time go by faster and the task won’t seem as tedious.

  1. Empty each shelf of all the items stored.  As you touch each item, check the “best used” date (**for further explanation see links below).  “Purge” or throw away as you go along, if necessary.
  2. Sort all “like” items together, i.e. dry goods (beans, rice, pasta, etc.), can goods (vegetables vs. fruits, etc.), baking goods, etc., etc. etc.
  3. As you sort, start thinking about how you are going to reorganize.  You want to store your items so that the more frequency used items are near the front and more easily accessible.  As for all of your cabinets, you want everything arranged so that you are the most efficient and productive while in your kitchen.
  4. When you have cleared off all the shelves, then it’s time to reorganize each shelf with all “like” items grouped together.  In addition, if you have these types of items in other parts of the kitchen, make sure you pull them into the pantry.  Of course, you want shorter items in the front, taller items in the back and all labels facing forward.
  5.  You may want to use your lower shelves for the heavier items.  In addition, you may have to use your floor space for paper towels, tall soda bottles, etc.
  6. Unfortunately, if you run out of space, you will need to consider other storage area options, but try not to separate the “like” items, unless it’s surplus.
  7. Once the pantry is almost complete, you may decide that you need other organizing tools to better utilize your space, enhance your organizing system or simply make room for everything.

Take your Time, Make it Fun and Enjoy!!

Pantry Before


Pantry After


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**Links to more Info on “Best Used” Dates**

Still Tasty Magazine, CBS News, USDA

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