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Can I be Busy and still in Order?

Absolutely, Positively YES!

It all depends on how we handle BUSY

I realize that my readers are from all over the world, but where I live, Busy is our way of life.  We have a special name for Busy, we call it Multi-tasking.  It is just what we do.  It is life in constant motion…. but unfortunately, if we find that in the midst of our Busy, somewhat hectic life, we are stressed, never really accomplishing what we really need to get done and we can never find time to simply RELAXwe are Out of Order!

When we can find moments of Peace throughout the day, we can prioritize our tasks so that we get the important stuff done and we feel good because  we have accomplished something!  We are able to check off items from our To Do list.  We should take a few moments at the end of our day to prepare for the major tasks that must be completed the next day.  That’s Order!  Although in our area, we still have to fight traffic to get home, but we must find a way to leave our frustration in the car.  Take a moment to breathe and prepare to spend time with the family.

For many, the day doesn’t end when we get home… there is more work to be done.  HOWEVER, everyone has to part a play.  There has to be a plan and there must be organization and Order in the home.  There should be a place for everything and everything must have its place!  Now is not the time to start hunting in the pantry for what we are going to have for dinner or to find out that there is no milk left for cereal… 😦


There is so much more that I would like to share with you about creating some semblance of Order in your Life … But for now I get to plug my next FREE Order Your Steps workshop entitled,      ************

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P.S. The post seemed a little choppy to me, what do you think?

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