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A Tale of OYS to the Rescue!!

I’d like for you to meet Ann.  Ann had decided that she had had enough!  She just couldn’t take it not one minute more.  The Clutter Monster HAD to go!  She had to de-clutter and get her house in order NOW!  But she needed some help, someone to keep her motivated, someone to guide her through the organizing process … so she called in OYS!!   After receiving her distress call, I packed by bag, jumped into the OYS mobile and off I went.

Ann met me at the door and at once, I knew that I had gotten there just in the nick of time.  The Clutter Monster was on the rampage!  We sat down for a minute just to get to know each other a little better.  Then I took a tour of the space.  Ann was so apologetic along the way.  She just didn’t understand that if there was no clutter, there would be no need for me. Organizing is what I do!  Unfortunately, at one point or another the H-word, “Hoarding” entered the conversation.  Ann didn’t really understand the true meaning of hoarding, but if it was the incentive for her to call for help, then so be it.  The clutter has become overwhelming and she finally had to do something.

Once the tour was complete, we sat down and discussed a plan of action.  The organizing project was divided into several phases.  We had to tackle the elephant, one bite at a time.  We then had to decide how much time realistically did she have to commit to this project.   In most cases, the homework assignments given between organizing sessions are critical to the success of the project.  I asked Ann, if she could devote 30 minutes each night to sorting and purging through her clutter, one section at a time.  She eagerly agree, so we set up the date for our first working session.  I could  see the sigh of relief on her face.  Priceless!

This is what makes my job truly exciting.  It is difficult to convey that to other people, especially to those that that may also need to my help.  My very first client said that the most difficult part of getting organized was making the phone call.

OYS to the Rescue (click for website)

… just make the phone call already!

(FYI, I have never had a client named Ann, so any resemblance of anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental 🙂).

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