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“OYS to the Rescue”! – Chapter One: The First Organizing Session

Well, the assessment is over and it is time for our first organizing session.  Ann met me at the door and I could see the enthusiasm in her eyes.  During the assessment, we decided to divide the project into phases and prioritize the area(s), based on the level of frustration produced.  Today, we will be focusing on her bedroom.  I’ve coined the phrase “line of sight” to describe the visual perspective that we have when we walk into the house.  The clutter in a specific area, which causes immediate frustration, it drains our energy and just changes our entire disposition.  It could be the garage when we pull in our car, the foyer where the mail is piling up, etc. etc. etc.  Mind you, contrary to popular belief, this affects men and women.

Where is your place of sanctuary in your home?  For most women, I believe  it is the bedroom and for most men, I believe it is the study or man cave.  Sanctuary is the place where we unwind, take a moment for a cup of tea or coffee and a good book or magazine.  For Ann, it was her bedroom, where the clutter monster has taken over.  Unfortunately, it was so overwhelming that she didn’t know where to start.  Every time she walked into her room, she felt hopeless, so invariably she would come in, drop off the clothes, push the stuff on the bed aside and go on to the next task.

Bedroom _1 2011-09-20 22.04.55

Now that we were in Ann’s bedroom, we had to decide where to start.  Again, prioritize!  … first, the bed, the floor and then the closet and drawers.  As we went through the stuff in her bedroom, we had to determine the proper place for everything, even if we have to designate a temporary place until we made room for all the stuff that we had.  So we cleared the laundry, clothes and papers off the bed first.  We folded all the laundry placed them in a plastic bin temporarily.  We hung up the clothes and placed them in the front right hand side of the closet so that we wouldn’t have to go through them again.  We then set aside the paper items to sort through later in this phase of project.

We worked up a sweat and then took a break for some water and some rest.  It was a great sense of accomplishment when we could actually make up the bed and literally walk around the bed without stepping on something other than carpet.

2011-09-21 14.05.02

Next week, we tackle the closet….

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