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“OYS to the Rescue!” Chapter Two: The Closet

I left Ann with her homework assignment, which was to sort and purge her clothes in her closet.  Unfortunately, oftentimes the “P” word will stop us in our tracks… PROCRASTINATION!!!    The organizing process may seem simple, but there are some that just need a little help in staying motivated.  They need someone like me to facilitate and guide them through.

sortAnn felt a little guilty that she had not completed her assignment, but we can’t dwell there.  We must DIVE RIGHT IN  (remember our contest??) to today’s session.  Ann and I began to touch each item and make a quick decision to keep or go!  If we dwell on any one item too long, we are more lightly to KEEP it.   Now again, contrary to popular belief, as an professional organizer, it is NOT my job to make you throw everything away!!!  However, we must have the space to have a proper place for everything we decide to keep.

Ann did an absolutely AWESOME job making quick decisions.  We made it through all her clothes and now it was time to ORGANIZE…. tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets and suits.  We could organize by color, sleeve length, etc., but whatever system we develop, Ann had to be able to maintain it.  If Ann was not going to be able to keep all the blue short sleeve tops together when I left, then why do it that way?

After we organized the clothes, we worked on the shoes, handbags, and everything that Ann wanted to be stored in her closet.  We maximized all the available space and we made sure that Ann knew everything that was in the closet and she could find it quickly when she needed it.  Ann was absolutely amazed at what she was able to accomplish… by the way, we found items that she had even forgotten she had (some still had the tags on them!)  I LOVE Discovery!





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