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“OYS to the Rescue”! – Epilogue

This was Ann’s NOT a sanctuary.  Ann’s bedroom would immediately drain her energy, when she opened up her eyes every morning.  She would move stuff from the bed to the floor when she went to bed and from the floor to the bed in the morning so that she could make a path to her closet.



The Clutter Monster was constantly on her trail as she moved through the Chaos!

But now, Ann has a place of Peace and Order

OYS is not an interior designer… the peace sign is a little much, but you get the point. 🙂 (Google search-www.asapela.com)

She opens her eyes and feels Refreshed!   She awakes full of energy. Ann goes to her newly organized closet and has a blast looking for her power outfit of Orange!   The color orange offers emotional strength. It radiates warmth and happiness.  Orange rejuvenates our spirit.

Now Ann is ready to take on the world!



Ann was AMAZED and you will be too, to see the difference Order will make in your Life

Is it time for you to Conquer your Clutter Monster????

Order Your Steps is ready when you are!

(FYI, I have never had a client named Ann, so any resemblance of anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental 🙂)

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