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“Your house must be Super organized!” The Confession…

No, my house is NOT Super organized!  I too have had to find that place between neat & nightmare, which I could tolerate and maintain.  As I have said on many occasions, you learn to tolerate a lot more when you live with other people.  The Lord knew not to give me Order Your Steps… let’s say 10 years ago or even 5 years ago, because I would have made a LOT of people mad, upset and some even seeking psychological help…  I know now that I would have tried to force my clients into being organized the way that I thought that they should be organized.  As we found out in “The Psychology of Clutter”,  everyone’s tolerance for clutter is different. If I develop an organized system that you can’t maintain, it makes life most miserable.

Back to my house… I must say that since we found a new church home, there is a new Peace in our house.  We have also become reacquainted with God’s purpose for us and the importance of having our lives in divine order.  What does this mean?  My family has become more tolerate of my need obsession to organize and keep things in order.  Prior to this revelation, it was a fight daily to pick up, straighten up, throw away, etc. etc. etc.  Now, please don’t misunderstand, I would stay that 90% of my house is neat and orderly. But for someone like me, the other 10% made my heart hurt and my brain would want to explode, when I went into certain areas of my home and opened certain doors…


This is my husband’s closet. I started to show you what is behind the door, but decided against it. 😦

Then, there is the basement, which is still unfinished.  We have been in this house for 10 years, but the basement was one of those areas that was off limits, because this was HIS space.  BUT, in the last few months, my husband worked with me to put things in Order.

Doesn't it look nice.  Sorry, I don't have the BEFORE picture.

Doesn’t it look nice? Sorry, I don’t have the BEFORE picture, but NO, you couldn’t imagine! 😀

But we still have some work in progress!

013Even my oldest daughter is getting in on the act.  Check out her Extreme Makeover for more details.  It makes me want to cry tears of joy… sob! sob!

Bookcases for her shoes and books!!!


And a bookcase for her shoes. Wow!

And then, there is my office.  I bought a new desk and everything had to be reorganized.  You know like when you buy a new dress and you have to reorganized the whole closet!  Well, maybe you don’t know about that???  😀




No, my house is NOT Super organized, but there is a Peace that makes the little disorder a lot more tolerable.  Yes, there are other areas that still need work.  Maybe I will share those areas with you in another post… or maybe not?  🙂

8 thoughts on ““Your house must be Super organized!” The Confession…

  1. LOL Hubby’s closet = mine. I am so glad you surfaced bc I’ve been wanting to visit but couldn’t dredge up your site from memory – and sifting through followers — eh, not feasible. I so wish you could come over and help. With. The House. Thanks for the ongoing support!

      • I don’t use words lightly – I did mean it, in that I would so love it! But I’m four feet under the homeschooling and 3 pages of readers’ response in my inbox behind. AND trying to get out the next post (many of which I spend days on to word just right). But I WAS so happy to reconnect. =) XxxxxTHANK you for being willing. So sweet.


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