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The Confession – Part II

Well, I have decided to share a little more of my Not Super Organized house.  So, here is my pantry…



It is a lot more difficult to keep those areas that are used by everyone in the house, “organized”.  It is interesting that most times, we correlate neat with organized.  But remember, it is not just about looking in Order, but you need to be able to find what you need when you need it.   Being the organized one in the house, we have the added responsibility of knowing how to direct others to what they are looking for…. doesn’t seem quite fair! 



As you can see that are not a lot of plastic containers with labels. However, I do practice what I preach… I advise my clients NOT to buy a lot of organizing containers unless they really need to.  Please don’t misunderstand, if you need several containers and labels, we will definitely design an organizing system that will accommodate your need and the needs of your family or others in the home.  But you MUST be able to maintain the system that we develop and everyone in the house must be willing to help you to maintain it.

House 028

Then, there’s my youngest daughter’s room.  She is away at school right now, so we will leave her door shut…

My bedroom was not camera ready  :-(, only because I wasn’t willing to pull out the fancy linen and pillow shams to show you (maybe another time).  But you can believe that there are NEVER clothes left on my bed or sofa.  My husband doesn’t even leave clothes on his chair, but you may find his pants on the floor, until the next morning.  🙂

The rest of the house, downstairs, MUST stay Guest-Ready!  Everyone in the house understands this and helps me to keep it that way.  The living room is very seldom used anyway…

House 025

And last, but not least, is the family room and I didn’t even have to tidy it up for the picture …  🙂

House 026

Now you can see that my house is not super organized and your house doesn’t have to be either.  But you don’t want your home to be a source of frustration and stress.   You want your home to be peaceful and in Order.  Everyone must play a role in maintaining the Order, your spouse and even the children… roommates, extended family, etc.

Always pursue Order out of Chaos, by any means necessary and if necessary, let us help you to Order your Steps!

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