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How do we keep our space organized in a house full of unorganized people?

Let me begin by saying that we can’t force others to be organized!  I have spent many, many years trying to force my square pegs into round holes.  I fought many battles and won only a few.  Initially, I would suggest that we focus on organizing the space that we have total control over.  For example, our closet, our drawers and our side of the sink.  Then move into those “neutral” areas like the kids’ sock and underwear drawers.  Let the children help us to fold & put away their laundry… spouse too.   In my house, I am still trying to convince my husband that he has TOO MANY socks, but he does his own laundry, he actually folds it and puts it away.  He makes it ALL fit in his dresser chest, so I can’t argue. You have to pick your battles!!

Did I mention that my husband also has too many DVDs?

One of those battles that you don't need to fight!

One of those battles that you don’t need to fight!

Then pick an area that we can mutually agree to work on.  We really need the support of the other members of the house, BEFORE we just organize and then we are frustrated when they don’t keep it that way. Start on something as simple as the kitchen table or foyer, which may be the drop off point for book bags, mail, keys, etc.   We will need to establish a designated place for all items that are “dropped off” and then get everyone’s agreement.  Then we will need to have patience until everyone gets accustomed to the new process.

Google Search

Google Search

Try not to be TOO serious.  The more we push, the more resistance they will become.  Make organizing FUN!  We want our family to enjoy the journey.   Have music time after dinner!   Clean up the kitchen together and then put everything back where it belongs.

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Google Search

Try to get everyone to agree that the family room must be “guest ready” at the end of the day.  Family rooms are normally very informal areas, so we should be flexible.  You may want to have toy/stuff bins in the family room.  One for each child/adult.  Put the books back on the shelves and the newspapers in the recycle. Take the clothes and shoes upstairs when we go, get ready for bed…

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Google Search

… and say a little prayer!

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Google Search

 A proper place for everything and everything in its place. 

Simply take One step At a time…

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