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My Words, My Faith and Order Your Steps

I hope that you found my last (2) posts enlightening.  Now, I would like to outline a few major points that I hope will tie this all together… thus, My Words, My Faith and Order Your Steps.

  • My (Our) Words are very powerful.   We, ALL of us and  especially those of us that believe it Jesus Christ have to be very careful what we say to people.  Believe it or not, there are folks that are just waiting for us to lose our temper; to cuss, just because or simply to say something to make us look bad, for example, “I HATE my boss, don’t you?” … and I could name a zillion and one other examples!
  • We must take every opportunity to tell someone about Jesus.  Let me stress again, it may not mean quoting scriptures.  Simply speak Life and show them the Light.  We can’t keep telling folks, especially our young people, about all the things that religious tradition says that they CAN’T do.

Now, let me tie My Words into my latest challenge.  I have been struggling with whether sharing my faith is appropriate it ALL aspects of my business activities, thus My Faith and Order Your Steps. Obviously, the name of my business is a dead giveaway.  So when potential clients approach me, they have to suspect that I KNOW the Lord.  In addition, if they speak with me for any length of time, they find out that Order Your Steps’ mission is to help them to “not only organize their stuff, but to find Order in their lives.  So, is it appropriate to have “Be Blessed” in my signature?  How about when I compose business communications to certain ShelfGenie customers?- or- What about all the opportunities I have to simply say, I will pray for you or have a blessed day!  But I have to admit that, at times, I get concerned that someone may get offended. Am I the only one that has those moments??  Does this mean that I am ashamed of my faith? …. or is it simply a trick of the enemy?  

If the truth be told, it can be a little hard at times for me to hold fast to my Faith.  But it is only when I get caught up in my thoughts that I lose my confidence that God has directed my path.  However, ultimately, I know that if I follow where He leads I can’t go wrong.  He has opened soooo many doors!  Whether I am working with a ShelfGenie or an Order Your Steps’ client, it is all about Organizing & Divine Order.  I truly, truly love what I do.  I know that there are people that will cross my path for a specific purpose, so I must say what the Lord would have me to say.

Well, when you get right down to it, I must be true to myself… and there you have it!   My Words, My Faith & Order Your Steps


Question:  Should I have a separate blog for Order Your Steps for just organizing info?  Comments are welcome!

4 thoughts on “My Words, My Faith and Order Your Steps

  1. Thank you for words on this. This and the previous two articles are right on time. We do need to speak life that is in Christ especially to our younger people who I believe are truly seeking that true relationship with God but are inundated with what they can and can not do. As for separating your blog I think you do a great job of incorporating the two. continue to be true to what God has called you to do and what He has called you to be.

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