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Healing Virtue

For the past few weeks, I had been struggling to write a post.  So I just started jotting down titles and “Healing Virtue” was one of them.  Now the really hard part was to find the words to go with the title.  Then I was thinking about the people that God has allowed to cross my path, since I started Order Your Steps.  I’ve met cancer survivors, transplant survivors, persons with various challenges… and since God has ordered my steps, I know that it has not been by accident, nor a coincidence!   Order Your Steps is not just a ministry of organizing & order, but also one of healing (physical & spiritual).

I did a Google search on the word “virtue” and found this:  The word “virtue” is translated from the Greek word “dynamin”, meaning “the power of the Spirit”. This power of the Spirit, or healing virtue, is invested in every believer.**

Healing is not just from physical illness, but spiritual also.  Many of us face many challenges; stress, frustration, anxiety, fatigue, disappointment, etc. etc. etc. caused by family, friends, co-workers, managers, supervisors… you get the idea!!!!  Some of us are married, single, with children and without children.  We are just caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.  The chaos has become our norm.  Some of us are unemployed, underemployed & others are extremely overworked.  Many are at the very top of the corporate ladder and thrive on the fast pace… but I would like to propose that ALL of us should consider a Spiritual De-cluttering.  This clutter and disorder is hindering our ability to reach higher levels, to achieve our full potential and operate with the spirit of excellence that we expect of ourselves and that God expects of us.  Yet, we won’t make time to simply Breathe, Enjoy Life and Live It to Its Fullest!  

If the weather will cooperate in the DMV(like today!), it will actually feel like Spring and we will officially begin our season of refreshing & new birth.  As we start spring cleaning and organizing of our physical space, let’s take the time to cleanse our inner space, spiritually de-clutter and walk in our Divine Order.

Let the Healing Virtue of Christ flow through your life!**  

What are your challenges?

What are the obstacles that are standing in your way?

Google Search

Google Search

Google Search

Google Search

Google Search

(**Credit:  http://dongossett.com/iframes/devotionals/HealingVirtue.html.)


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