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Living with Two (2) Grown Daughters

If you are only vaguely familiar with me and my blog, you know that I have two grown daughters.  Elayna is 25 and Myiesha is 21, soon to be 22 in August.  For more info about them individually, click their name.  Today, I want to share with you how Awesome it is to live with two grown daughters.  Not all mothers can say that.  Usually, too many women in one house can be total chaos, but not is our house.

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It is interesting listening to them talk about their view of me, when they were growing up.  I must say that I have always had high standards for them and there were certain things that were just NON-negotiable.  School was one of them.  They were both excellent students and always on the honor roll.  A “C” was unacceptable and they knew it.  I would not allow them to simply settle for mediocre when they were capable of so much better.

Although I was tough at times, they knew that I loved them more than life itself.  They were never bad kids, however, at times somewhat mischievous… you know, tumbling off the dresser or putting a hole in the wall, just to name a few.   It is amazing how being a parent is so much easier, when they become responsible & accountable for their own decisions… My, my, my!  Now, we have simply awesome conversations about life and their experiences.  My youngest is a lot more like me than I thought.  I sorta had it in my mind that because my oldest daughter looks more like me that she would have more of my personality, but not really.  They both are a very interesting combination of my husband and me, in ways that I simply didn’t expect.

Now that the youngest is home for good or at least for the next year, she adds a whole ‘nother dimension to our home.  With the new found joy & laughter of my husband and add to it Elayna’s & Myiesha’s wit, there is never a dull moment in the Speight household.  As I have said many, many times before, there is a Peace in our home that is indescribable.  We often sit around the kitchen table or in my bedroom, just laughing and talking for hours.  Now many of you may think that I am making all this up… but God can do what seems impossible!

BUT, yes, there are still moments of discontentment.  Elayna doesn’t like to do chores, but I blame that on her father! 😀  Remember, I am the organized one and my husband would not allow me to hound help them with their rooms when they became teenagers.   However, Elayna loves to cook, which is a very nice trade-off.  Myiesha learned a WHOLE lot about living with other people, when she was away at college.  She is a lot more willing to do chores and tidy up her room.  She’s rather upbeat & happy, most of the time and loves to talk.  But when she goes off to herself, in her quiet moments, it is a little disconcerting… but all good, nonetheless.

My husband and I look at them in awe.  They have grown into two “classy” young women.  We are so grateful to God for His Favor.  It is really nothing that we have done.  Looking back, would we have done things differently?  Maybe or maybe not?  However, we truly believe that all things happen for a reason and ALL things do work together for our good…

Most recently, Elayna was in a car accident.  Please check out her post entitled “Crazy Taxi”.  I told her that she is a miracle TWICE.  The cab that she was in, after being hit, sped for about a mile at 50+ MPH, before they ended up in the ditch.  With the exception of a few scrapes, bruises and a lot of soreness, she is OK.  We are just so grateful that her angels were with her.  God’s Grace in abundance!

It is truly a blessing having them in our lives.  Please pray with us that they will continue to grow in God’s anointing and fulfill the purpose that the Lord has for them. 


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2 thoughts on “Living with Two (2) Grown Daughters

  1. You are so right, so few people live with their adult children anymore. It is such a blessing. I live with my two daughters (29 this month). But we’ve also been blessed with a little grandson (3 in Sept). For the most part it is peaceful but in a small apartment finding needed time alone is difficult. We do manage though. God bless your little family.

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