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It’s Back to School!

For some, school is already open.  We have taken the freshman college students to their campus and set up the dorm rooms.  We pray that we haven’t forgotten anything…. Did you make a list of all the stuff they will need?  Did you check it twice?!?!?!?    In most cases, our college students will be sharing the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen spaces.  So you may have to label some of their stuff and remember, space is limited.  I remember when my youngest was a freshman, she practically packed everything she owned.  😀  … We all live and learn!

Although it looks really neat, if you have this many boxes, you've probably taken TOO much!  :-)

Although it looks really neat, if you have this many boxes, you’ve probably taken TOO much! 🙂

Now let’s talk about our pre-schoolers to high schoolers.  We have bought the “school” clothes, uniforms and some of the school supplies.  Our summer routine is over and the “back to school” routine begins… Now pray for your strength and patience!

Start preparing as early as you can.  I would suggest that the day/night before we do the following …

  • Lay out the clothes, shoes, socks, etc.  Leave nothing to chance.  🙂
  • Prepare the lunch (or secure the lunch money) and the book bag.
  • For the girls, comb the hair and tie it up.
  • Bath time and prayer!

Then as time allows, unwind with a cup of tea and prepare for the next day.  Make a to-do list, to include what happens after school, i.e. family time, dinner,  homework, etc.  Remember, patience!

Our new day begins!  Set the clock 30 min. early to allow a little extra time to snooze…. and time to make sure the kids get out of bed, because you may have to ask more than once.  Then….

  • Breakfast… VERY IMPORTANT!  We all need energy to get through our day.  Our children need nutrition to stay focused.
  • Wash, dress and get ready.
  • PRAY for your kids.
  • PRAY for your patience with them!  They may have had a rough day too.  Reading, Writing and ‘rithmetic can be taxing on the brain.


This day will end and another one begins.  It’s called Life!  Routines take practice.  Things will not always go as planned, but you do need a plan.  We can seek peace in the midst of our chaos OR we can have chaos in the midst of our chaos.  Don’t forget to take DEEP breaths often.

Try to keep the house in Order as best we can.   Take each day as it comes and be the best that we can be.  We must embrace our children, no matter how old they are.  Know that they were entrusted to us and even when they are doing somersaults on our very last nerve, they are ours and we love them more than words can describe!

All of our steps are Ordered.  I wish you all SHALOM (Peace) in your hearts and in your homes!!

Now, It’s Back to School!


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