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We CAN manage our mail….

We are 18 days into the new year of 2015.  Do you believe it?!  One of the topics that we discussed last year that I’d like to review with you, is that “We CAN manage our mail”.  Many times when I work with clients, their mail is out of control.  I don’t have to tell you that mail comes every day and if we don’t have a process to manage our mail, it will get totally OVERWHELMING… very Quickly!

A very important part of the mail management process is to SHRED.  I have a business shred can in my office, which is right next to the shredder.  I try to make sure to empty this shred can at least once a week or it is even better if I shred as I go….


My personal shred can is in my family room, so I don’t empty it as often.  However, as you can see it is a manageable amount and all those credit card offers and other mail with my personal info are in a designated area and ready to be shredded.


Lastly, as I sort my mail, all the other non-personalized items, advertisements, catalogs, junk mail, etc. are tossed in my recycle basket, also located in my family room.  I bag all these items into plastic bags once a week and put them out into our recycle bin for trash pickup.


Our mail will be much easier to manage if we follow a daily mail sorting process. Check out this video and you will better understand what I mean.  Enjoy!

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