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Making a House a Home!

As a professional organizer, the Lord has given me a mission.  My assignment is to re-ignite my client’s interest into putting their house back in Order.  It is most rewarding to see the organizing process create a chain reaction.  

Usually during our initial in-home consultation, the client’s main concern is “Can you really help me to put my house back in order?  I’ve tried over and over again, but it is just too overwhelming!”  I must admit that when I tell them that “This is very doable!”, there is both doubt and relief in their faces...

30549335_sWe usually start in the bedroom and when the organizing is complete, they begin to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.  My first suggestion/homework assignment is that they make up their bed every morning… and then the links of the chain start to connect. Their house begins to transform.  They want to put new linen on the bed and put up curtains.  They may want to hang pictures or even paint.

It’s truly amazing!! Their enthusiasm is back and the Order is returning to their lives…. I don’t mind working myself out of a job.  It makes my heart glad to know that I was able to help my clients to make their cluttered house, a house in orderA Home!  

Truly a Blessing!


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