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Spring brings Freshness & New Birth!

spring4Our weather here in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) has been a mixed bag since our season has changed from Winter to Spring. We went from Winter (very Cold!) to Summer (very Hot!) or as it seems.  No really from 40 degrees to 80, almost overnight! But normally when you think of Spring, it’s a period of refreshing.  The trees are blossoming, the birds are singing and there is a slight breezy chill in the air.

So what does Spring has to do with Order and Organizing?

Many of us think of Spring Cleaning during this time of year.  The house has been closed up, families have spent most of their time indoors and it is now time to open up the house and let the air in. Cleaning can be considered phase one of organizing, but cleaning and organizing are technically two different things.  In my opinion, cleaning is to remove dust and dirt, but organizing is to remove clutter and disorder.

As you begin to freshen up the house, consider phase two of the process.  Once you have cleaned all the windows, washed the window sills and scrubbed the baseboards, then it’s time to sort through the winter clothes, purge and put them away.  Move through the Spring and Summer wear, sort, give away and get ready for the New Birth! Shed off the old, and put on the new.

We are almost halfway through the 3th month of the year already.  Assess your progress as it pertains to your objectives & goals for 2016.  Do an attitude check… what is your temperature?  Are you still in the coldness of the Chaos of your past or have you given Birth to the warmth of your future? Peace and Order are so critical to our well-being.  Take a moment to see where you are, so that your Steps may be Ordered to the next level…

Your Season of Refreshing & New Birth has Sprung!!



4 thoughts on “Spring brings Freshness & New Birth!

  1. Candy, pray for me. I want to leave the disorder and clutter behind me. I will move to Texas in a few weeks. This is not my first long distance move but I did not determine the date. Don’t we always wish for more time or money or both? I know this is an opportunity from God. Do you have any tips?

    • Tanya, I am sooooo VERY sorry that I didn’t get your message earlier. However, I know that God had you as you entered your new season in Texas! By the way, God’s timing is impeccable. 🙂 The best advice I can give, although you may or may not have unpacked all your belongings…. PURGE, PURGE, PURGE!!! If you are not going to use it or wear it, or you haven’t in a long time, get rid of it. Clutter is usually the result of just having too much stuff for the amount of space you have available. I hope this helps. I will keep you in my prayers. Many, Many Blessings in your new endeavors!!!

  2. Thank you. Everything is being packed as we speak. The truck will be loaded Friday. As some of the items I had planned to donate to Goodwill were packed in with my things, I definitely will have some purging to do when I unpack in Houston. Not much is happening on my schedule but it is getting done. I am trying to go with the flow and remember God has got this!

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