Life After Corporate America

Now that I have taken my LEAP of FAITH, my goal is to help others to not only survive, but thrive where they are in Life. 

Am I totally in left field?  Are you already living your life to the fullest?  Is your life filled with the Joy as it was meant to be??

However, during my short time in retirement, I have discovered that PEOPLE MUST HAVE A STRONG DESIRE TO THRIVE!  Normally, to thrive requires CHANGE!  We say that we WANT to THRIVE, but we really DON’T WANT TO CHANGE! 


Remember, my life-changing event technically began for me several years ago, with an unspoken request to do something different. .. Now my dream, “Order Your Steps” has become a reality, but I had to be willing to make a MAJOR change.  What I have discovered during my brief time away (less than 60 days)  from Corporate America and is that Life for me now is like night and day.  It’s weird, the hours of the day seem to pass quickly, but the days of the week appear to pass slower. 

The year 2012, in biblical terms, deals with placing things within perfect order, organization or achieving governmental structural perfection (which can speak to any organizational structure).  I am not asking you to make a MAJOR change, but I am suggesting that if you want different results, you can NOT continue to do things the same old way.  There are Steps in your Life that must be placed in Per-fect Order, to per-fect is a process!  Taking ONE STEP AT A TIME…   If you could just see my mission through my eyes…My VISION is being revealed.  I know this, BECAUSE I have already been met with resistance.  But I didn’t expect the path to be easy and neither should you…

 What are your excuses?

I don’t want anyone to see how unorganized I really am

As my Pastor often says, we really need to get over ourselves and do whatever it takes to improve our quality of life.


I don’t have the money.

Peace of mind is priceless.


I don’t have time.

You may have more time than you think.


I don’t really need it.

Are you sure?

Don’t wait another moment…. Please take the FIRST Step!



Order Your Steps:

Financial Planning


Or Lack Thereof….  I thought that I should add just a few thoughts with regards to “The Dream”.    My reality is that I did not properly plan financially for my retirement.  I understand that if you are my age, we need “MILLIONS” of dollars saved in order to live comfortably when we retire.  In my attempt to be transparent and hopefully, help others, my savings does not even come close to “MILLION” (singular).  My 401K took a beating like many of ours over the past several years and so did many pension funds. 

But, as the Lord would have it, I was eligible for the early retirement buy-out when it was offered and I had reached the retirement age in accordance with the guidelines of my company (which by the way, I achieved in Sept., 2011… Coincidence, I think NOT!)  So I will be drawing my pension, but I will have to wait on Social Security… No, I won’t hold my breath!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not flying solely by the seat of my pants.  I have figured out how much income that I will need to bring in from “Order Your Steps” (more info to come on that).  But although we don’t have any credit card debt, we do still have a mortgage. 

So without telling you all my business, I am sure that a LOT of you are thinking… “SHE MUST HAVE FALLEN DOWN AND BUMPED MY HEAD!”

I would love to hear your thoughts and I promise to take the constructive criticism with an open mind  🙂 ……