The Challenge

Just to show you how the Lord works, during this transition period of about 5-6 years, I held two (2) “newly created” positions.  These positions seemed to be tailor-made for me.  Here Comes the Order!  The basic responsibilities of the jobs were identified, but I had a real opportunity to establish my own process and rather you realize it or not, in most cases, you do too.  You know what tasks have to be accomplished; how and when you need to get them done.

The object of the game is to minimize the distractions and you need to know where to locate all the items needed to complete the tasks.  Unfortunately, for some, you spend a lot of time looking for a document or an email that you may need to refer to, to accomplish the tasks.  To add insult to injury, today you are required to multi-multi (not a typo) task, which can equate to Chaos!

In this picture, the desk is RIDICULOUSLY organized, but the point is, you want to have everything you need close at hand.

Pay close attention, to the “TO DO LIST” (Post-Its are fine).  You really want to stage your work area.  The spiral book is my Daytimer.  For the home offices, right under the ledge is my bills.

Now I know what you are thinking….. Is she for real?  Does she realize just how much work I have to get done every day?  Remember, I have lived it for 32 years.  You can’t continue to eat the elephant and drink from the fire hose!!   At some point, you need to chop the elephant into large chunks.

Here’s a CHALLENGE for you! 

Conduct your own time study.  Try it for an hour or two.  Identify your time-robbers; distractions, interruptions, time spent “looking for something you need”, etc. etc. etc.

For the Techies out there, same rules apply, even though you may be using Microsoft Outlook and iPad, instead of sticky notes or any combination.

Lastly, for the very organized folks that never miss a beat….. If you are still spending your lunch hour at your desk, there is still an opportunity!