These definitions are so funny, yet so accurate! LOL 🙂

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Here is a funny excerpt from Sandra Felton and Marsha Sim’s brand new book, SMART OFFICE ORGANIZING

…more Diagnoses by the D.O.(Doctor of Organization) Chapter 3, “Not Brain Surgery…but close”

Decisionalysis. Paralysis of the decision-making ability of an individual.

Clutterholic. Compulsively creates chaos in well- ordered areas.

Shelf Denial. Avoidance of acquiring enough shelving to hold the necessary equipment, resulting in the use of floor space as one large flat shelf.

Distractophelia. Condition of repeatedly losing focus in the middle of a thought or action, resulting in a trail of started-but-unfinished activities.

“Creating and maintaining an office that both looks good and works well definitely isn’t as difficult as performing brain surgery. But for many of us who
seem to have come up short in the distribution of organizing genes, it feels like it is.”

I thought these definitions were quite entertaining and I wanted to share them with you…

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