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O.M.G!!! (Special Post)

Now, before I say anything else….let me ‘plain!  I am the kinda person that is very active in movie theaters.  Remember, I am the one that loves cartoons, so I am the animated movie type.  So, needless to say, during action movies, I have a tendency to jump, hide my face when I think a bloody scene is coming and if necessary, grab the person’s arm beside me, which is why normally my husband will sit on one side and one of my daughters are on the other.  In addition, I tend to talk and or make unusual comments during the movie, i.e. , aaahhh, ooohhhhh!!  ….and I laugh out loud when the good guy triumphs over the bad guy.

However, for this movie, since EVERYONE said that I was going to misbehave, I was determined that I would do none, or very little of the activities identified above.  But I must tell you that it was extremely difficult to restrain myself…..



Can anyone say “Rag Doll”?

You will have to see the movie,

to know what that means.

It’s HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Tammy, I would never have seen it if it hadn’t been for your rave reviews….

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