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I am speechless….

Speechless, Not Quite!….  Believe or not, I have been nominated for yet another award.  My friend, Sarah has found a tad of “Loveliness” in my blog.  Please take a visit over to her blog, Truthlets & Thoughtbits.  She speaks on everyday life, but she gives you food for thought and sparks some interesting conversations.  I am very appreciative of the recognition.  Although, my initial motivation for doing a blog was rather personal & somewhat selfish, I am now truly overwhelmed at the response of my readers and I am extremely grateful!


Now I have to give you “7” random things about me…

1.  I modeled for my mom, who was a hairstylist when I was about 11-12 years old.  I was already almost 6′ tall.  My two favorite outfits were the “leather” vinyl dress and over the knee boots and my crushed velvet, hot pink, hot pants with white go-go boots.  Yeah, WOW!!

2.  I “dated” a 7’2″ guy in high school.  We went out on A “date” and my dad took me to one of his basketball games after high school.  He sent me a “Dear Johnnie” letter with some beautiful yellow roses, after he left for college.

3.  I wanted to skydive and drive a Corvette, when I was a lot younger.

4.  I wanted to drive a Ford Mustang when I got a lot older.

5.  I graduated from high school when I was 17 and graduated college at 52.

6.  No, I did not play basketball, nor any other sport.

7.  I was “Acting” Director of Admissions at 22… and no, it had nothing to do with the fact that I babysat the Dean’s kids, my first day on the job.

Now I will nominate 7 bloggers for the award.

http://encouragementtogo.wordpress.com/very therapeutic

http://justbefoundation.wordpress.com/tidbits of wisdom with color and terrific graphics

http://justanothermanicmommy.com/her kids are absolutely adorable

http://glakia.wordpress.com/her pictures each day encourage

http://underuncommonlove.wordpress.com/shares her life lessons

http://thejunoesque.com/ helps young women of all heights to stand tall

http://aditixpictures.wordpress.com/extraordinary photography

Please Check Them Out!  Thanks again Sarah….

10 thoughts on “I am speechless….

  1. Candy: Thanks for the nomination! Interesting that you wrote “very therapeutic” in that this is what writing this blog is for me. So happy we live in a time where all can share in such an amazing way. Happy day to you. -Cheryl

  2. Congratulations on your awards Candy. My favourite posts from you are the ones where you honestly and courageously share some of your personal life (like the ones about your children). Interesting and inspiring. Happy weekend!

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