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13 thoughts on “Random Question?

  1. For all I know I’ve been breaking all kinds of blog etiquette myself so I’m not sure if I’m the best person to answer, but I speaking from my point of view I would say it’s not necessary. I’m following the “do unto others…” philosophy and I know that when I like or follow someone’s blog I don’t expect a response, though of course receiving one is always nice. On the flip side, I try to look up each person that likes or follows my blog, and while I deeply appreciate each and every one, I tend to send a reply only when I find something about their blog makes me feel instantly connected – and I reference that feeling of connection in my reply. So, I guess I see the response as less of a “thank you” which I hope is implied to everyone and more of a “I hope we get to know each other better”. At heart, the blogging is about sharing connections for me. I’ll be interest to learn what the proper etiquette is and find out if I’m a rude, ungrateful being!

    • Well I am definitely on the same page with you and interesting enough you were my first response. Let’s see what others say, but for now I will stick with what I feel is right. We just need to make sure that we are not being rude… 😦

  2. If the comment warrants a response I would. I think the goal is to be accessible and interactive with your “fans”. My 2 cents

  3. I feel if a question is asked in the comment, it should be responded to. If it is a general comment, its up to the blogger. I love to receive comments and likes on my blog so I’m trying to comment when I feel I have something to add or the post was meaningful to me.

  4. I usually respond to every comment…I feel if someone took the time to comment then I can take the time to acknowledge it. I also try to comment on a post by the author if he or she is a blogger because I know how much I love comment!!!

    I also usually follow and like back, but that’s just me.

    That being said, please don’t feel obligated to respond to this comment! 🙂

    • Barbara, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I try to respond to all comments also, but I don’t always address them to the author. Thanks for the advice!…. Candy

  5. i want to comment every passages i read as i expect to have other thoughts as you say, however, may not always have any special idea come up to my mind….or due to limitation of my vocabulary, a bit difficult to express sometimes.

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