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My Dad … and the Father of my Children

My dad and I were never really the best of friends.  He was just the one that corrected me ALL the time, because it seems like I never did anything right!  What I didn’t understand then, is that he was raised to be a strong disciplinarian.  I don’t remember him being the huggy type.  But I knew thought that he loved me.  I knew that I loved him, but I didn’t like him very much at times.  I also knew that in spite of it all, I wanted him to be proud of me, no matter what!


Now that I am a grown woman and he had passed away, I see that there was another side to my dad.  He was loving and BIG hearted.  He was a giving person and loved children!  He was always there for me and my family…. and he made me the person that I am today.  He taught me to be strong and independent.  He helped to prepare me for what life held ahead of me.


As time passed, I swore was determined that I would never marry a man like my dad…. no way, no how!!!  …. And Then HE came along.  He was built like my dad, even favored my dad and has somewhat of the same temperament of my dad. BUT there was something different???  He seemed to go out of his way to show me that he loved me.  He was romantic and caring and he thought that I was beautiful and still tells me that all the time.  BUT he still reminded me a LOT of my dad.  He was rather strict, I mean protective and once he made his mind up…. that was it!  But he truly, truly loves me, without a doubt.

Fathers dad&e

with “E”

Fathers dad&m

with “M”

Over the years, life has happened and happened some more!  We have cried together and laughed together.  There has been times for better or worse, in sickness and health,for richer and poorer.  Now 30 years later, a son & two daughters, he is my life, my husbandthe Father of my Children!  It continues to amaze me that as we journey through life, we see that our steps have always be ordered and when we get through our former years, we see that our latter years ARE our better years!!

photo (21)

 Honey, We love you and Happy Father’s day!

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