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Crazy Taxi

Please take a moment to read my daughter’s testimony. It is ALL God’s Grace!!

The Junoesque

On the night of Monday June 23, I was in a car accident. The cab I was riding in, after hitting one car, for some reason it appears that the accelerator stuck and we sped off for about a mile before we ended up in a ditch on the side of the road.

A terrifying experience indeed, but I discovered a few things. This was my first time in a major accident, riding in an ambulance and going to the emergency room so forgive me if these things aren’t new to you.

1. Paramedics are required to take people to the hospital if their cars end up in ditches to make sure there are no neck or spinal injuries. In order to transport you, they put you on a hard, flat board called a baseboard, put what seems like a wrestling helmet on your head and strap you down with…

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