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We have Embarked on a Major Project…

In actuality, this organizing project started several years ago, when I met Ms. C. for the first time. However, she just wasn’t ready to face this HUGE undertaking, so it was postponed. In the meantime, she decided not to live in the house. But, it was May of this year that Ms. C. gave me a call and the project began. It is the largest project, that I’ve had in my 10 years as a professional organizer.

As I explain to all my clients, we have to break the elephant into bite size pieces and I will hand the pieces to you one bite at a time. So I begin with “presorting”, which gives me the opportunity to sort through the elephant size mounds of stuff and then hand a bite off to the client to purge through and make decisions on what to keep and what has to go.

We have a rather long way to go, but we have made a LOT of progress! The pics below are of the two rooms on the first floor. The “living room” is literally FULL of donations. By the way, did I mention that she’s an ex-teacher? May I say that teachers have a heart like no other for their students, but that also means that they hold on to a LOT of stuff, just in case they might need it!!

Well, next week, we are going to venture upstairs, so we will keep you posted as we go…

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