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Organizing “System”

I guess now you are wondering how do you develop an “Organized System”.  It is fairly simple, you have to arrange your “stuff”, so that you:

  • Know what you have 
  • You know where to find it, and
  • You can get to it fairly quickly. 

Normally, you organize “like” items; i.e., clothes, spices, paper,etc.   You have to decide what is the most efficient way to organize:

  • Height of the container
  • Size
  • Symmetrical (Be Creative)
  • Alphabetical order
  • Color
  • Etc., etc. etc.

Then, of course, you have to remember your “system”, SO KEEP IT SIMPLE!   For example, you may have all the “C” spices together.  It would be a bit ridiculous to have Chayenne pepper, Chili powder, then Cumin.  A little TOO much detail and Believe It or Not, you and your family would not be able to maintain it.  You want the people in your household to buy-in to your system, help develop the system and then they will be more likely to maintain it. 



Another example, would be organizing your clothes.  At first, it is imperative that you sort and purge (I know that I am beginning to sound like a broken record).  But, in order to get organized;


  1. You have to go through all your items
  2. Determine what you are going to keep
  3. What you are going to give away
  4. Then arrange what’s left in the most efficient manner that you can. 

You may organize by color, work versus casual, or simply tops and bottoms, suits, dresses, etc. 

Lastly, I will say that you also want to organize / arrange your stuff according to how often you use it.  The things that you use often should be on the lower shelves (or closer to the front) and those things that you very seldom use, can be on a higher shelf (or in the back).

Well enough rambling for now!

However, this would be a good time for you to ask me questions and let me know how I can help you with your particular organizing project.  Organizing can really be fun! 

More tips on Monday!  Don’t forget Daylight Saving Time!

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