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11 thoughts on ““Blog Chill Day 10”

  1. I feel like God is speaking above…in that quote. I appreciate your comments on my site. I didn’t want to get into detail, but it’s been a rough time lately…not easy at all…our priest died in one of our churches in Colorado and we had to leave home and take care of chaos in the congregation…and we may have to stay here for some time…It’s a difficult time to be away from home and I can’t take care of things I need to do or my writing….etc….it’s not easy, and we really need a miracle from God…a new priest here…hope for the congregation…I’m looking Heavenward…thanks for your prayerful support. God bless you!

  2. This must be the bottom line for me , for the first time in my life it’s all about the outcome
    With the intentions of learning though the process , a lovely quote , thanks

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