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This post is really random and may seem like it came out of nowhere, which it kinda did.  But I believe that I should still send out this post, because someone needs it. 

There are some of you out there that have been hurt very badly.  Beyond what anyone could ever imagine.  For some the hurt just won’t go away.  There is a song that I want you to hear, which is called “A Heart that Forgives”.   I am only asking that you listen to the words.  Forgiveness is not easy and I understand that, but I believe that it is decision that you must make in order to begin the healing process. 

First, you must forgive yourself and yes, then you must forgive the person(s) who hurt you.  Forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for YOU!


One of my fellow blogger, Anne, had the same idea.

 I read this post last night, “Let it Go” 


10 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. To my Readers: This post was inspired by one of my fellow bloggers, but I don’t want her to think that this post was meant to hound her. Kevin LaVar is a son of our church and he sang this song yesterday and I thought of her and the millions of others that are hurting. I hope it does help in some small way.
    Be Blessed,

    • I didn’t think it was hounding me at all. I’m honored and thankful that God spoke to someone else somehow through the babblings that I do. It took me some time to first, figure out what the pingback was in the message I got, and then to stop hacking long enough this morning to really sit and respond. Have been sick so long. I’d appreciate your prayers for that. But that’s off topic. I appreciate this. ❤


  2. Thank you. What a beautiful song! I confess I was confused by the message that came about the pingback at first. 🙂 Glad I figured it out.

    It still hurts, in my situation, not hearing things I’d like to from the other end. But I’m trusting God will keep working on my heart so that I can truly have peace about it all. I do believe it has to begin with forgiveness on our parts. There still may be sadness, but…it’s a start. Hope I’m making sense.


    • This makes perfect sense. I am still relatively new to this blogging thing and I am not always sure how things happen. Thanks you so much for your comments….

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  4. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing. This is such a blessing! I will share this to people I know. I am thinking of reblogging this if you don’t mind!

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