This post is really random and may seem like it came out of nowhere, which it kinda did.  But I believe that I should still send out this post, because someone needs it. 

There are some of you out there that have been hurt very badly.  Beyond what anyone could ever imagine.  For some the hurt just won’t go away.  There is a song that I want you to hear, which is called “A Heart that Forgives”.   I am only asking that you listen to the words.  Forgiveness is not easy and I understand that, but I believe that it is decision that you must make in order to begin the healing process. 

First, you must forgive yourself and yes, then you must forgive the person(s) who hurt you.  Forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for YOU!

One of my fellow blogger, Anne, had the same idea.

 I read this post last night, “Let it Go”