First I want to thank everyone who took time to comment on my blog post entitled “What would an Organized Life look like to you”? I also hope that everyone took time to read the comments, they had an interesting insight and perspective on “Order” or lack thereof in their lives. I reblogged this post for to give you my perspective and we will tie it ALL together next week…. Enjoy!
** I welcome your comments.

Finding Order in Chaos

 I was in the hair salon on Wednesday and I picked up “O” magazine and across the front cover was “De-clutter Your Life”!  Now it is my understanding that Oprah often has articles regarding de-cluttering. 

My point here is that De-cluttering  & Organizingis about more than just making your stuff look neat and tidy.  What I am finding is that if a person is “disorganized”, there are a couple of factors that may be involved and they are:

  1. The person is in denial and truly don’t realize that they are disorganized.
  2. They “think” that they are comfortable where they are.  “It may look a mess, but I know where everything is.” 

Clutter / Disorder / Chaos affects so many different aspects of your life.  Therefore, when you de-clutter, it should be life-changing, no matter how small.  There should be a sense of release, a breath of fresh air…  This process should NOT

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