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Why Waste 30 Minutes ……

1. Watching TV

2. Watching TV

3. Watching TV – Do you see a theme? Watching TV is a good way just to unwind & not have to think.  BUT, it can soak up A LOT of our idle time!

4. Playing video games –  Yes, adults play video games, games on Facebook, games on our phones, etc. Video games can become addicting.  No Really!!

30 Minutes to be spent more wisely!

5. Checking Email – We can get sucked into endless email and before we know it, HOURS have passed.

6. Social NetworkingNo explanation required!

7. Sitting in Traffic – Yes, commuting is necessary, but have you thought about turning off the radio?  How about listening to a good book (the Bible), a training /self-improvement CD?  How about talking to our passenger or simply letting our brain REST?

8. Getting caught up in a conversation at the most un-opportune time, that goes on and on and on and on!

30 Minutes to be spent more wisely!  

Any rebuttals?  “These items are not a waste of time, but very necessary”…

Your comments are welcome!

What does this have to do with Personal Organizing?

Stay Tuned …

4 thoughts on “Why Waste 30 Minutes ……

  1. Great post! I haven’t owned a TV for 10 years or more and it feels great! I really did waste a lot of time ‘watching’ other people enjoy their life and being creative. Now, I am the one being creative and enjoying my life.

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