What Does an Organized Life look Like?

As a professional organizer for more than 10 years, I believe that there are two major components that defines an organized life:

  • The amount of stuff we have in our living spaces.
  • The amount of stuff that’s in our mind, thoughts & emotions.

An organized life is not meant to be rigid and uncomfortable. However, there should be a degree of routine & predictability. Our lives are not meant to be perfect, nor should we expect them to be, but there should be some semblance of peace, harmony, and Divine Order.

“Life is like an ocean, always moving, changing, developing and we need to be like a well-seasoned captain of our vessel.”  CSRoth

We must invest some time and thoughts into our future by determining how we will achieve an organized life, an un-cluttered mind and a un-cluttered space. It is very difficult to change something, without understanding our current state and our desired outcome. It is not always how the situation looks, it is how we look at the situation. In order to minimize the chaos and cultivate an organized life, we must learn to plan for, and manage change in ourselves and our environment. 

Over the years, I have found that some people want change, but most people are used to doing things the same way. We don’t always have to make change happen, we simply must allow it to happen and not resist it!  Otherwise, major changes in our lives will cause an inordinate amount of stress and anxiety.  A new house, new job, new baby, etc.  All of which should allow us to assess our life as it is and consider making slight adjustments, as we prepare for our next season.

  • We want life to be flexible and spontaneous.
  • We want life to be simple and not too stressful
  • We want some control, but not utter chaos
  • We want to have fun and enjoy life at its fullest, every day!

All of these things require some degree of organization… So, how do we get there?

Here are a few suggestions that will help:

  1. Jot down some notes on how are lives and atmosphere look and feel today.
  2. Take a look at those things that we would like to see changed in our surroundings, big and small.
  3. Ask yourself will clutter of any kind, have a negative impact on those changes?  
    • For example, do we just need a bigger house, or we might be amazed at how much more room we already have when we simply un-clutter and organize our living spaces.  

Although there may not be just one answer, an organized life will look different to different people, but we all must start somewhere. So, let’s take one step at a time, one day at a time…

Love in the Garage…

This is LOVE at its Very Best! I must remind you that I am a professional organizer and my dear sweet husband is a Collector of EVERYTHING, so you can’t even imagine how HAPPY I was when he agreed to work in the garage with me. Well, since almost everything in it was His anyway. But I have digressed… So, we worked for a few hours and I agreed to have his FAVORITE meal for lunch.

As we were eating, he said the most endearing thing, “Honey, I really had a lot of FUN hanging out with you today!” He must REALLY LOVE ME, even after 39 years!!!

A Labor of Love!

Invest in Your Mind & Body!

As we enter another year, we all must Be Intentional about investing in the health of our mind and body, as well as our space. The scripture says that we should “prosper and be in health, even as our souls prosper”. We often think of prosperity as increase in our money and finances, but in actuality, to prosper means to be strong and flourishing; to thrive and succeed in what we do. We must invest in ourselves, so that we can be all that we can be, for US and for all those around us. Now is not the time to keep moving forward. We cannot afford to dwell on what’s behind us, but focus on what’s ahead!

  • Daily journaling forces us to be more self-reflective, and this can be an important element of self-care.
  • Plan our days, weeks, months… Time is valuable, so we need to manage our time well.
  • Learn a new skill or strengthen a currrent one. It’s always important to continue to learn and grow.
  • Daily exercise has been linked to more energy, more productivity, reduced stress, improved brain power, better memory, and even increased creativity. 
  • Eat right each day, fueling our body with nutrients. When we focus on eating healthier choices, we will feel better and have more energy. 

2023 is Almost Here…

Prepare – Have a Plan!

Progress – Be Ready for New Things!

Prosper – Push Forward!

Order Your Steps’ New Website

As we move rapidly into 2023, I’ve been working diligently to update our website. We’ve been long overdue for a website facelift and this seemed like the ideal time. Our Order Your Steps Enterprise has expanded and grown by pivoting from simply professional organizing and has added a new life coaching component to our portfolio of services. Our goal to minimize the stress and eliminate the frustration associated with having cluttered minds and cluttered spaces for women, career professionals and entrepreneurs all over the world. 

So, please let us know how you like our New Look!!

A Mindset Shift

Facing every day with…

  • Patience
  • Encouragement
  • Anticipation
  • Commitment & Courage
  • Energy & Excitement

We are setting the stage to be more effective, more efficient, more productive and more prosperous. As we move forward, our focus must be on making room to grow physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually … and continue to hold fast to our dream, our purpose, our destiny.

Life After Clutter

We want to inspire, encourage, motivate, and empower women to be the best that they can be and live on purpose, by walking alongside you as:

  • Realize your true purpose in life
  • Strive to achieve clarity and focus of your mind
  • Create an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and grace
  • Discover Life After Clutter

Stay Tuned…

Time Robbers

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The question is “Are we spending our time wisely?” Although we are always busy, we should set our priorities on a daily basis. We have the tendency to channel our time & energy into the things that we’d rather do, than the things that we need to do. Identify your time robbers and adjust your day accordingly. We mustn’t settle for those things that are easier but get outside of our comfort zone and meet the challenges of a life that is ever-changing.

“To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven: …” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Dream Big

2023 is rapidly approaching! We must Dream Big and Plan for Bigger… Take a moment to reflect on the year that has passed. Let’s focus on our positive accomplishments and not dwell on the negative. It is very difficult to build for Bigger without a firm foundation.  We want next year to be a year of self-empowerment for us all. A year for us to have the confidence, in who will be and what we are capable of, and to take at least one step closer to our goal, dream and purpose. A dream without action is just a wish.

It’s always the right time for us to seize the opportunity to learn, grow, and be empowered to make our dreams a reality!


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Close your Eyes and Visualize a Place of Peace, Harmony, and Grace…

A Place to Relax where you can Unclutter your Mind…

Create an Atmosphere that will produce Clarity and Focus …

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“See More Floor”

Over the years, as a professional organizer, whenever I was in the process of decluttering a room, or space, I would always tell my clients that you want to “See More Floor”! To be honest, I never really thought a lot about. But I am currently working with a client on a HUGE organizing project and our mantra is “See More Floor”! So this is my advice to you…

  • Focus on one area, room or space at a time. Unfortunately, most people will start in one area, get distracted and then move to another area. 
  • Start Small and Stay Focused! 
  • Don’t spend hours and hours at any one time.  Take regular breaks.

Now take some time to clear your mind, do something relaxing like watch TV or read a book and then come back to it.  It may take longer, but your space will stay uncluttered longer and you won’t become discouraged and wore out during the process.

Remember that a whole New “Life After Clutter”, but it will require a Mindset Shift!